Flaxseed Oil For Dogs

What Are The Benefits of Flaxseed Oil For Dogs?

It isn’t just us folks that can obtain the health benefits of flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil for dogs is equally crucial to their health and fitness.

The standard of commercial dog food has substantially enhanced over the years, to a level that it contains most of the main oils, vitamins and minerals your pet dog really needs for the best health.

The processing that takes place with modern commercial dog food means most of the wholesome essential fatty acids are left out. The reason being it tends to turn rancid very rapidly if not kept in a dry, cold location.

So dog food becomes lacking in these essential omega -3 oils which can lead to numerous health issues. Problems such as inflamed and sore skin, a dull, lifeless coat, flaky skin, various allergic reactions and possibly joint disease and cancer.

Why Pick Flax Seed Essential Oil For Your Pet Dog and Not Fish Oil?

Lets be honest, fish oil is not to everyone’s taste, and dogs could be just as disliking. Plus it gives them pretty horrible doggie breath!

Flaxseed oil not only offers the exact same essential fatty acids as fish oil, it also contains lots of other beneficial substances, which will enhance your dogs overall health. In particular soluble and non-soluble fiber which will keep your dogs blood circulation and digestive tract clear and healthy.


Flax Seed Essential Oil Health Benefits For Your Dog

Adding just a little flaxseed oil together with your dogs food will have a profound effect on many aspects of their health. Here are just 2 of the most common conditions:

1.       Dull, Lifeless Coat

A dogs coat is a good indicator to its health and when it looks lifeless and dull you know your best friend has problems. A lack of essential oils can lead to dry itchy skin, inflammation and sore red patches and chunks of fur missing.

Vets have long been advocating the use of essential fatty acids to restore your dogs coat to its normal, vibrant state and by including a few drops of flaxseed oil to a dogs food, will see a marked improvement in no time at all.

If your dog has a poor coat or showing signs of flaking and itching skin, you can be assured that flax seed oil will remedy the problem and prevent it from coming back.

2.       Older Dogs Battling With Arthritis

Joint Disease in dogs is a painful and often life- threatening problem. My old dog suffered terribly from it and I understand how sad it is to see.

Close To 1 in 5 dogs will get arthritis during their lifetime, usually due to the insufficient omega 3 oils in their diet, which help lessen inflammation of the joints.

Flaxseed Oil Can Treat Other Dog Health Issues

There are more ways that flaxseed oil can help your dogs overall health keeping it from falling to several unwanted health conditions;

A dog’s heart can benefit from flax seed oil since the compounds it contains assist in preventing blood clots and therefore reducing the risk of a heart attack.

Helps Prevent Cancer. Flaxseed has potent cancer preventing ‘lignans’ which help to reduce and eliminate the spread of some cancers.


You should be under no illusion regarding the many benefits of flaxseed oil for dogs and just how it can prevent and treat a number of health conditions. Veterinarians will confirm exactly the same. Why don’t you give it a go with your own dog and see how positively they respond to it.


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